Monday, February 27, 2006

SIR 100K Populaire

Populaire - good way to put it. This year over 100 riders showed up on a cold saturday morning to explore the farm lands outside of Woodinville Washington. I haven't been doing any rando rides the last several years due to getting married and just taking a break. So it was good to be back in the fold and see all my friends. Hubby and I rode from home since it's sometimes easier to just pack up the bikes and ride out the door. It was a cold morning in Seattle but after the ice and snow of the day before we were happy to see the roads clear and get out there. They changed the route this year and I was familier with most of the roads just not riding them in the opposite direction (I think they are hillier this way). We got in a really good ride - but I have to say I should have had more training, needed to drink and eat more, and I hit up my friend Lola for Endurolytes. These are an amazing supplement which help to reduce cramping and replenish your elecrolytes without drinking such nasty stuff as Gatorade.

The map is courtesy of my friend Kent Peterson - Kent also has additional pictures from the SIR 100k on his website which is

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Jim Carson said...

Nice meeting you Saturday. ;-)