Monday, March 29, 2010

Meet Up to Move Forward

I know Lance Armstrong says to Livestrong and encourages everyone to get out and stay in shape but when you are the primary care-giver it isn't easy to leave when all you want to do is spend every minute with that person that they have left. I would take a break every day to take a short walk read the paper and have a coffee just to get away. Friends sometimes would come by and stay with Bob so I could have a break or they would take me out to lunch. I lost Bob back in November and have been trying to get back to my / our pre cancer life. So I find myself this spring out of shape, not really feeling like getting back on the bike though in the past the Need for the Bike has gotten me through rough times it's hard to go riding without my compadre. I joined Meetup to make sure I get out and keep busy. I spent a nice weekend away with the meet up folks and met a few folks also in transitional points in their lives. I did take our Klepper Kayak with me and assembled it and paddled it with other folks - just 2 years ago we were paddling the boat in Baja Mexico for Bob's 50th Birthday and it hadn't been out since. So good to get back in the water even if I don't find myself back on the bike yet - I'm moving forward making some new friends and keeping busy. I would recommend Meet up as a great way to get back out there and move forward with your life.