Friday, September 28, 2007

Virtual Interbike - 2007 - saddles.

Interbike - 2007 - saddles.
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Have you ever been to Interbike? For those of you not familiar its the big cycling trade show held every year in Las Vegas. I'm truly scared of these saddles. I've been a few times helping out my friend Charlie he runs Draftmaster and ATOC. You can also virtually attend Interbike - it used to be the exhibitors did not want you snapping photos at their booths but now I think they realized all the folks like me are waiting with baited breath about the new products for next year. Some of my fellow bloggers are attending in person this year and blogging reports check out the velo orange blog for the latest on what he is going to stock at the store including some odd folding bikes. David Bernstein at the fredcast is also attending Interbike and has posted some podcasts from the show including interviews about new products from Garmin - yes the new Edge 705 will be out soon. Sheldon Brown also has his Interbike report up on his website. I'm also excited about some of Raleigh's new bikes including a new touring and single speed. No I'm not in the market but the price is right and I'm sure to recommend them to some friends that are on a budget - like the Salsa Cassarole from last years Interbike.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bookcrossing - an off the bike adventure by Orangecomo

So you ask what is the story with this little running friendly book? He is the icon for Bookcrossing is a coolwebsite which allows you to track books which you set free in the world for others to enjoy. I've been part of bookcrossing for several years now and its pretty fun. Last night I released some books at Tully's near UVillage and today I got email back that someone had already claimed one of the books. Sure alot of books go missing never to be heard from again but the ones that do go into the hands of new readers are worth it. Last year at Bike Expo I let loose several bike related books in the beer garden - I haven't heard back from them but themed releases are part of bookcrossing also - leave your favorite Irish themed book at a bar on Saint Patricks Day its sure to find a new home with another Guiness drinker.

So if your bookshelf is full - Free your Books.

Bookcrossing is International and has Mirror sites in many countries.

Monday, September 03, 2007

PBP - Abandonee

Just a quick note to let folks know about our ride. I'm very disapointed that we did not complete PBP 2007 but am very happy that we gave it a go. This years ride had the worst weather in the past 40 years. We are not the fastest riders to start with and throwing in the bad weather on the first night of the ride really slowed us down. I also had some sickness the first day out which also slowed us down. By the time we reached Tiniac we were just at the time cut off and in need of sleep. We caught some zzzz's and caught the train back from Rennes in the morning. We did about 400 km including the ride to Rennes so still got in a very challenging ride. I would like to attempt this ride again in 2011. The abandonment rate on the ride was 30% this year its normally 12%.

More information about our ride - it was an experience to remember. Paris Brest Paris is a one of a kind type of ride. Some of the highlights of our ride. The townfolk directing us around traffic circles so we wouldn't go down. Meeting many Randonneurs from around the world, our hotel was also the base of Rando Brazil - both Bob and I came home with Brazil Jerseys and a few Seattle Jerseys went to Brazil. Waiting in line at the start with Jack from San Francisco - what a wack job he is but he kept us relaxed and laughing. What do you expect from a guy that sends this out as his post PBP picture.
I also met Machka - Charlene from Canada who I knew from the list serves for several years - I think we would make good riding companions on one of these stupid rides because we covered about the same territory in the same amount of time. She completed PBP in 2003 - but alas this year the weather blew her and her friend from Down Under out of Contention also. Charlene's PBP report can be found at her website.