Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Out of and Into the Boat

A friend of mine ran a short session to make sure we were safe to go out on the big water with him in a few weeks.

Yes - I have done numerous kayaking trips but most were with Bob in the Klepper which basically unless you were hit with a rogue wave you couldn't tip over

He required us to rent dry suits - so we would be comfortable in Lake Washington if it took awhile to get back into the boat. Dry Suits are pretty cool contraptions which basically allow you to push the season on water sports and if some thing did happen should save you from hypothermia. Dry suits are not cheap so unless I start doing a lot of crossings I'll be in my spray jacket, farmer jane wetsuit and pfd while out kayaking.

He explained to the group the process of the boat rentry on shore and we all practiced tucking a foot into the boat so it wouldn't float away, and blowing up the paddle float. One by one we went out on the water with Saul or with Roy.

After you capsize your kayak you need to un do your spray skirt, surface and flip your boat over. After your boat is upright - attach your paddle float to your paddle (a paddle leash is a good idea) and blow it up. Then you run the end of the paddle without the float through the bungee cords on the stern of the boat. This creates an outrigger stabalizing the boat and also gives you something to crawl up on. You climb up facing the back of the boat and slide your feet into the hatch and then roll back into position and sit down. After that you breath a sigh of relief and pump the water out of your boat.

When I returned the drysuit on Sunday I rented a boat and went out to the Arboreteum for a few hours. Sunday was one of those days which are why I chose to live in Seattle.