Friday, March 18, 2011


Okay I'm registered and raising money now I just need to start riding my bike to get in shape for it. This year on my 44th Birthday I'll be doing a fundraising ride for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Survivorship Program. We spent alot of time at Seattle Cancer Center Alliance which is part of the Fred Hutch connection. We are so lucky in Seattle to have access to some of the best cancer care in the world. I can't imagine having to add the stress of traveling to the mix of dealing with cancer or not being able to travel and not get the best care available. SCCA was busy with families going through this journey in life called Cancer - some got lucky and made it through but will carry the cancer experience with them always - others not so lucky and now have a big chunk missing out of their lives So motivate me to ride and get back in shape and donate to the cause.
Amy Harman Donation Page.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Kayaking in Belize

During the dark times in Seattle - I venture to warmer climates. In December I took my adventurous self to Belize. With no Bob to pack up the Klepper and to really go off the beaten path I had to settle for traveling with a group and I did pretty good. I booked my trip through Island Expeditions. My trip was their Paradise Islands package with the Maya add on. We spent most of our time on Tobacco Caye and South Water Caye. Both I liked but Tobacco Caye with the deck over the beach and the hamock with my name on it was a great place to sip rum punch, read a good book and just escape from work and the stresses of my daily life.

Tobacco Caye Cabins