Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bookcrossing - an off the bike adventure by Orangecomo

So you ask what is the story with this little running friendly book? He is the icon for Bookcrossing is a coolwebsite which allows you to track books which you set free in the world for others to enjoy. I've been part of bookcrossing for several years now and its pretty fun. Last night I released some books at Tully's near UVillage and today I got email back that someone had already claimed one of the books. Sure alot of books go missing never to be heard from again but the ones that do go into the hands of new readers are worth it. Last year at Bike Expo I let loose several bike related books in the beer garden - I haven't heard back from them but themed releases are part of bookcrossing also - leave your favorite Irish themed book at a bar on Saint Patricks Day its sure to find a new home with another Guiness drinker.

So if your bookshelf is full - Free your Books.

Bookcrossing is International and has Mirror sites in many countries.

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