Friday, September 28, 2007

Virtual Interbike - 2007 - saddles.

Interbike - 2007 - saddles.
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Have you ever been to Interbike? For those of you not familiar its the big cycling trade show held every year in Las Vegas. I'm truly scared of these saddles. I've been a few times helping out my friend Charlie he runs Draftmaster and ATOC. You can also virtually attend Interbike - it used to be the exhibitors did not want you snapping photos at their booths but now I think they realized all the folks like me are waiting with baited breath about the new products for next year. Some of my fellow bloggers are attending in person this year and blogging reports check out the velo orange blog for the latest on what he is going to stock at the store including some odd folding bikes. David Bernstein at the fredcast is also attending Interbike and has posted some podcasts from the show including interviews about new products from Garmin - yes the new Edge 705 will be out soon. Sheldon Brown also has his Interbike report up on his website. I'm also excited about some of Raleigh's new bikes including a new touring and single speed. No I'm not in the market but the price is right and I'm sure to recommend them to some friends that are on a budget - like the Salsa Cassarole from last years Interbike.

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Virtual Cycling - Tacx have a great product called the Tacx Fortius, it is basically a turbo trainer connected to a PC so you can ride or race in a virtual environment.