Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Seattle Bike Expo - My First Time on Rollers

This past weekend was the Seattle Bike Expo, I spent time volunteering for the Redmond Cycling Club Booth telling folks about RAMROD, S2S and Cannonball. It is so much nicer to volunteer now that registration for RAMROD is done on-line now instead of at Bike Expo. I have a lottery By-Pass and am psyhed to to do the ride for the 2nd time - I rode it in 2004 and had a great time.

I also met Davis Phinney and asked him about a picture of his wife Connie Carpenter that sticks in my mind - he said it is probably the picture Annie Liebowitz took of her in 1984 when she was in the Olympics. It was good to see him and hear how he is dealing with Parkinson's disease and the Davis Phinney Foundation that he set up.

I also rode rollers for the first time this weekend - they were different though from the standard rollers and seemed quite a bit safer - It's a small company called insideride.com. If we had the space I would like to own a set of these - I only rode them for a few minutes but felt like I was getting the hang of it very quickly. I'll be happy when we get a house and can have the weights, rowing machine and a set of rollers in the basement or workout room.

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