Friday, February 03, 2006

Good Glutes = Nice A$$

One of the folks on the SIR list serve asked about if she should ride this weekend due to the wind storm that is headed to Seattle - I replied that it might be a good day to go to the gym and work on some cross training work those glutes, quads and build up some neck muscles to help on those 1200k rides. In doing a search on "Good Glutes" I came across this article on from the Rodale book, The Men's Health Guide to Peak Conditioning.

When it comes to a firm butt, most men are usually interested in those of the opposite sex, not their own. When we exercise, the butt muscles—or, to be more precise, the gluteal muscles—often get moved to the rear of the workout, and that''s if they get worked at all.

But your glutes are not the kind of muscles you want to leave behind in your ongoing quest for powerful fitness. In the end, good glutes do more than give us a place to sit or a way to attract women—they actually help us to be more graceful and powerful in physical endeavors. At the gym, on the field, in your life, having a stronger rear end gives you important physiological advantages.

The article goes on and contains many helpful exercises.

So on those rainy windy days if your unmotivated to get out and ride - time to work on those glutes.

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-ben said...

Inline skating builds up the gluts, quads and lower back immensely. You will have to get the soft boot version--they allow more flexibility, allowing one to bend slightly forward in a "tuck" position. (Think of the position when you are climbing on your bicycle).

3 times a week, 12 miles each time, for 3 months and you will have legs of steel (and endurance) that would lift your cycling to a new level.