Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Long Distance Cycling Time Commitments

Just a short note on time commitments if your a long distance cyclist you know how this sport eats into your life and you wonder how to make the space to spend with friends and family. It's tough but easier if you don't have a mixed relationship (ie one a cyclist and one not). I believe I'm a more obsessed cyclist then my husband but he probably puts more mileage in commuting to work then I do - hey his work is 2x the distance from our home then mine his. Because of his commute distance and work schedule we sometimes do not get to spend much time together during the week. This is probably true of many couples though with busy work and social lives. Today will be nice because the circumstances are working with us - his company knows that when projects are due the engineers will work many hours and will be unhappy since they are not able to spend much time with their families so they have family night which includes dinner. I'll catch the bus with my bike to Redmond Washington where he works, we will enjoy dinner together and then get in a nice 20 mile ride home. I'll end up getting 30 miles in today, he will get in 40 miles and we will have spent some time together.
I really don't know how most folks manage to work, do your household chores, deal with kids, social life and manage to be involved with this sport - but I salute you.

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