Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bike Lust- A Disease

I don't really need another bike - in fact there is not room for it in the living room right now. Between my husband and myself there are 10 bicycles in the living room (this isn't counting the Mtn. Bikes, a few frames and a tandem stashed elsewhere) and we live in a one-bedroom apartment

The other day I walked into Ti-Cyles to look for a wind front cycling shirt (sold out) and of course had to walk around and see what else they have. A lovely rasberry Co-Motion Americano caught my eye. Damn its my size. So I keep thinking about that bike and how I can justify getting my Co-Motion Nor'Wester a new friend to play with - but alas I don't think its to be my hubby and I are saving for a house and I don't have any big self contained tours scheduled to justify buying a kitchen sink touring bike.

I hope that lovely rasberry bike finds a good home.

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