Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rollercoaster - 60 Miles of Fun Fun Fun

Rollercoaster is one of our club rides that we do several times a year. It starts with catching the ferry from West Seattle to Southworth. Much of the route follows the course for the Peninsula Metric Century that is put on by the Tacoma Wheelmen. From Southworth a nice ride to Port Orchard for a potty stop and quick shove of a power bar down the gullet. Continue on for 30 hilly miles with incredible views of the Puget Sound and Bremerton. Once we reach Gig Harbor we go to this great soup and sandwich place called Susannah's and then a quick ride back to Southworth the catch the ferry back to West Seattle. Yesterdays ride quickly splintered into several groupos out front and with the slower riders like me bringing up the rear. We thought we were going to be late for lunch so took a short cut up Rosedale road which ended up not being too much of a shortcut it added hills but maybe only cut 2 miles. After a most excellent lunch at Susannah's it was time to head out for the ferry. I made the ferry with the rest of the group and my hubby didn't. There was quite the discussion on if I should have waited for him and if the situation had been reversed he should have waited no questions asked. If it was on a brevet neither one of us would have waited for the other if we had the possibility of a dnf. He had the car keys and the house keys so I was not leaving him stranded in West Seattle. I just went and hung out at a friend's house for a few hours until he got home. He had a good afternoon talking on the cell phone and telling motorcyclists about his cool speed blend tires. The motorcyclist all want to know where they can get a pair.

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