Monday, March 20, 2006

RCC Hood Canal 200k

The bike was still set up from last weeks SIR 200k so just had to add some air to the tires. I had to leave home very early in the morning to catch the 6:10 ferry to Bainbridge. I grabbed a few things before heading out the door but then managed to set down my sunglasses and pull the floor lamp into my face while trying to manuever around extra bike wheels, a wine rack and the bike pump. Ouch that hurt - maybe it is a sign just to climb back into bed and not do this ride today since it is almost the same ride I will be doing next weekend. Alas Hubby didn't get up to check on me so guess I had to ride.
Arrived downtown at the ferry terminal just in time to see the last cars loading - the toll keeper called ahead and told them one more cyclist and she is peddling fast which I did.
Upstairs on the ferry grabbed coffee, a breakfast sandwich and met up with my fellow riders. Very few unfamiliar faces and a few I didn't expect to see on this ride.
The ride quickly crosses Bainbridge Island, crosses Agate Pass and then the Hood Canal Bridge. The Hood Canal Bridge is always dreaded on these rides, we have had riders go down on it and get hurt. We took it easy across the bridge and headed onto the turn off for Quilcene. A quick stop and regroup in Quilcene at the convience store for some chocolate milk and a granola bar. I rode with my friend Tom for awhile and Tom commented that he was digesting the chimichangas from the hotcase in Quilcene. I told Tom that had been risky - he replied because this "wasn't RAMROD" he could take time and eat what he wanted instead of the Ensure some of our cohorts of the day were toating along in their camelbak pockets. Tom said he was looking forward to a Cheeseburger in Hoodsport - I said I would stick with a fish sandwich but must have french frys. One of my favorite parts of this ride is the town names, we rode through Hamma Hamma, Lilliwup, Dosewalips and then into Hoodsport. The cafe in Hoodsport was busy so I thought I would buy Tom lunch and it would be there on the table when he arrived just a few minutes after me. Tom doesn't show up - so I gave his cheeseburger to some nice folks. See there is such a thing as a free lunch - but only if you show up for it. From Hoodsport to near the finish I rode with my friend Peg. We kept a nice pace going and I spotted the Gyros and Cheesesteak restaurant so knew we were in the homestretch. At Belfair we head towards Bremerton on some nice side roads but then have to go on a Highway 3 overpass to get onto the bike lanes in Bremerton. With only 3 more miles until the ferry - my bike starts to feel funny - yep a rear flat and no time to change it unless I want to miss the ferry. I saw a bus stop with someone waiting and asked when the next bus was due and where it was headed. She said 5 minutes and the ferry terminal. So the best $1.25 I spent on a ride - I made the ferry and caught a lift home with someone who had driven to the start of the ride.

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