Sunday, March 12, 2006


Yesterday we rode the SIR 200K. The ride started in Kent at our friend Greg Cox's house we loaded up the carless riders Tom and Dr. K. from our neighborhood into hubbys 1990 Chevrolet Beauville Van. A drive to Kent, with just time to unload, sign in and hit the road.
The ride went to Dash Point a stretch of road I had yet to explore and I really enjoyed it beautiful views of the Sound and quiet roads. We stopped at Town Center Foods (control) to strip down and get some coffee (Starbucks Double Shot - canned coffee) From there we headed to Black Diamond for a stop at the Black Diamond Bakery for a yummy coconut doughnut and some chocolate milk. I was with John Vincent at this pont and looked like he could have been pushed over with a feather when I ordered the chocolate milk. I don't think he had ever considered that as riding fuel. I talked to him for awhile about his riding plans for the upcoming season - he plans on riding the California Triple Crown which consists of three double centuries and if you complete all three you can purchase a very cool jersey that shows you are a studly finisher of the Triple Crown. From Black Diamond the route took us on back roads to Enumclaw (with a secret control run by Mark Thomas and Peter Mckay) I made a quick stop at Charlie's restaurant in Enumclaw when I came out I spotted Dr. K. in front of me. Up the grind to Greenwater with being an out and back one gets to see the riders coming back for the home stretch. Lots of snow and slush on the side of the road but great weather - a refueling stop at the Greenwater (Control) convience store included some more lovely rando food (buddig turkey and string cheese) then down the hill. I spotted hubby riding up the hill with a rider wearing an extremely bright orange vest. Back in Enumclaw a quick stop at the Circle K (Control) found us at a regroup before heading out for the last stretch. The Circle K facilities get a gold star - a scent machine, bathroom rugs, a table with tablecloth and even fake flowers. Up one last hill - and then back to Greg's for a Chili feed and a chance to visit with fellow riders. I finished with the rider in the orange vest - he turned out to be Albert - the ride leader of the month from Cascade - it was strange to go home and read the courier and hey there is that guy we both rode with.

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