Monday, March 27, 2006

No Tahuya for Me

The plan had been to ride the SIR 300k which is a devilish ride around Hood Canal - I know you are saying isn't that where she rode last weekend. Well yes and no - the SIR 300k includes Big Valley Road, Port Ludlow and a journey out of Deliverance though the Tahuya Hills. If your interested in reading about this years ride - check out my friend Kent Peterson's Blog and webpage. Hubby and I decided not to ride it - pretty late on Friday night - Honeywell wanted him to work for some hours this weekend which would not be possible when one is dead tired and I'm off to Arizona next weekend for PAC Tour women's week and did not want to get hurt on this ride and not have a good vacation.

We will go to Oregon next month and ride the 300k with those folks outside of Tillamok.

So what did we do this weekend - of course we rode our bicycles. We did a Lake Washington loop with a bunch of friends. The exciting thing on this ride was the borrowed Bacchetta that my friend Linda was riding. Linda - has something going on with her neck and thinks that if she is going to continue riding that its going to be on a rolling lawn chair. I've ridden with Peter Liekio who also has a Bacchetta and know that they are nice bikes - but Linda did herself proud on this thing. I would say the most difficultly she had was starting and stopping and since I screwed up and led us through downtown Bellevue instead of the bypass we did a lot of that.

Sunday - Hubby headed off to work and I went and rode with Cascade Bicycle Club. Every year they do a series of rides called Cascade Training Series to get people ramped up for STP and other events. I like and dislike the rides:
PRO: It's fun to ride with a group
CON: The groups are GIANT

I also took a trip to REI to use my 20% off coupon that they send you with your dividend. My dividend was only $10.00 with all the Kayaking Gear I bought last year that does seem impossible but its true. I was looking for something for Hubby's B-Day but alas it seems like we have it all - yes we are gear heads. The thing I did find to buy was a new on the market product - it turns your big mouth nalgene bottle into a french press coffee maker. It's called the press-Bott and its very cool. I'll probably take it to Arizona with me so I'll have some good coffee. Maybe a trip to Zoka this week is in order to stock up.

So only 80 miles this weekend - but I'm psyched for vacation and ready to go - I had time this weekend to get stuff together for the trip.

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