Sunday, April 02, 2006

PAC Tour Desert Camp 2006

Yesterday I arrived in Tucson Arizona to attend the first ever week of PAC Tour Women's Training Camp. A group of us from Redmond Cycling Club traveled to Tucson together. We caught the shuttle to the hotel and chatted with a few of the folks that had finished up Mountain Tour Week. I talked to Paul Fleming and found out that he had enjoyed his week of riding on his new Soma Smoothie ES. Paul said that the Steel Som had beat him up a bit compared to a titanium bicycle. Those roads in Arizona though are really rough with lots of chip seal and cracks from freezing.

Today we met the crew including Lon Haldeman and Susan Noterangelo and put together our bicycles. We also took a ride to the Sagurro National Park which is beautiful and did a 10 mile loop ride within the park. We talked to a few other folks that were out riding and were given a recomendation for lunch - just a convience store down the road but they had great granita's (icey coffee drinks) that hit the spot with riding in the heat.

We headed back to the hotel for a short presentation on camp and what was required of us and what they would provide. One of the things that was highly stressed was paceline safety - my friend Anne Marie later told me this is because they had accidents on almost all the previous weeks and had to have riders helicoptered out.

We walked down the street to Morgan's for a quick dinner and hit the sack early because we start riding at 7:00 am tomorrow.

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Kent Peterson said...

Umm, shouldn't the heading be Pac Desert Camp 2006? Looking forward to pics and stories.