Thursday, April 27, 2006

Affordable Bicycle Trips

Those of you that know me - know I love to travel but the budget doesn't allow extravagant trips. I have a few tour companies to suggest to you that fit my budget and that I've had great fun with. I got email today from Peter & Anna who run Gabriola Cycle and Kayak. I did a bicycle trip with this company about 6 years ago which started and finished in Phoenix Arizona we stayed at Super 8 Hotels and rode about 60 miles a day so lots of time for sight seeing yet still some challenging miles. I also met some really great folks on the trip that I'm still in contact with.

For bicycle touring in Europe the company I would recommend is called Wide Open Roads. I did an amazing trip with them that went from Bordeaux to Alpe'd huez. Susie and Andy only do this for a few months of the year and the rest of the year they live in Australia. I also hope to travel with them again soon.

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