Sunday, April 09, 2006

PAC Tour Desert Camp 2006 - Tucson

Tonight I head home but have the day to play in Tucson. Julie and I rode down to check out the University of Arizona in downtown Tucson. Also went to the shops on 4th Avenue - we found a really cool shop called Native Seeds. Native Seeds carries all sorts of Southwest products, handmade bowls, utensils and of course beans and spices. It was nice to find out that they have an internet presence also so we can buy more bean soup if we get addicted to it. The workers in the shop were both from the Seattle area and told us they get a bit tired of the dusty weather and their noses always dripping. Julie and I also loved the Adobe Houses located near the University. I had scheduled late check out with the plan to just hang out until my flight this evening so we bicycled back to the hotel to check me out. The clerk at the hotel was SUPER nice and just said keep the room until I left. I packed up the bike, took a swim, finished packing up my purchases, got a subway sandwich across the street and took the shuttle to the Airport. At the Airport I ordered myself a big beer, ate my sandwich (too messy for the plane) and waited for my flight.
When I arrived in Seattle - I had to wait quite a while for the bike because it seemed like all of Seattle had been out of town golfing. I have never seem so many golf clubs in one place.

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