Sunday, April 23, 2006

3 Capes 300k Brevet

I'd never ridden the Oregon Coast before and now I can appreciate why it is one of the most popular routes in the United States. The views are incredible of the big beaches, the Pacific Ocean, Haystock Rocks and just incredible vistas. We started the day at 6:00 am at McMenimans Grand Lodge in Forrest Grove Oregon. I believe about 50 riders showed up for the ride including my usual posse of club riders.

Of course the ride started at a blistering pace and its always fun to see all the red blinkies on the riders as they trail off into the distance. I quickly was left behind as my computer popped off (I need to replace the computer mount the tab is missing) at some rough railroad tracks. After retrieving my computer I set off to catch the peleton - luckily my friend Michael yelled at me and I looked at my cue sheet to find out I had almost missed a turn. Just a bit later the zippy riders passed me as they had missed the turn. If you knew the area this turn could have been avoided and you would have been back enroute with no problems of couse this was where the Secret Control was so I'm very glad I made the turn. From there we climbed for awhile over the Pacific Ridges and then a big descent which seemed to take forever due to headwinds coming up from the coast.

After the Descent the route took us to Tillamook home of the factory where the best cheese and ice cream come from - alas it was too far off route for the non speedy riders like me to stop at but I want to come back another time. Around Tillamook were lots of dairy fams - with Jersey cattle. The Jersey cattle are a fawn color and they had udders the size of the whole wide world.

After Tillamook we headed out to Cape Mears on the scenic Coastal Bicycle Route- what great views but of course. Alas what goes down must come up if you look at the ride profile we had a sharp climb out of Cape Mears.

Lunch awaited us at Netarts - Susan France the RBA had set up a nice spread. We found out that our friends Ralph and Carol had an accident on their tandem and had been taken off to the hospital. Ralph has a seperated shoulder and Carol got quite a bang on her noggin. They are going to be AOK but alas are off the bike for awhile and the bike looks like it needs some TLC also - both sets of handlebars are all busted up. Lunch also brought a quick kiss from Hubby who was also riding his own ride we don't tend to ride together much on these rides due to our different paces.

After lunch and regrouping with my possee we headed to Cape Look Out - Look Out - look at those views - haystack rocks, hang gliders and beautiful beaches. Then a weird place called Sand Lake home of Dune Buggies and many ATV's. Not my kinda of riding but they sure were having fun.

The third cape was Cape Kiwanda - then Pacific City which has a really great pub The Pelican Pub (another place to visit another day). We settled for Coffee and a muffin and watching the ocean for a few minutes. Time to leave the beach and head inland.

We went up and over Sourgrass Summit which was not much compared to what we had already climbed today. My group was going to stop at DQ for another break but I dropped off the back and was starving again much sooner so I made a quick break at the Taco Time for a veggie mexie burrito and a refill of the camelbak. When I passed the DQ I did see several bicycles there but they did not belong to my crew.

I rode to Amity Oregon and got my card signed at the next control. Since dark was falling I grouped up with Tom, Scott, Bill and Ray to finish the ride. At some point Scott, Bill and Ray got ahead of us so Tom and I finished together. Hubby finished just a little later - safe and sound.

All and All it was a great day - would I do this route again - You Bettcha. Would I recommend this route to the casual cyclist - yes it would make a great 2 day ride with a possible overnight in Pacific City so you could have dinner at the Pelican Pub.

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