Thursday, May 03, 2007

Group Health Commuter Challenge

Yes its that time of year again - time to put my money where my mouth is and actually ride my bike to work. It's easy to do at this time of year when the weather is nice and darkness at 5:00 pm is just a fading memory.

I had organized a team at work last year so it was easy to start the process to organize a team this year. I just sent out an email to my team members from last year asking them to participate again and also if they knew of any other bicycle commuters. Wham - more folks then I could handle. This year the company has two teams - the Perkins Peleton and the Perkins Echelon.

This year should go really well for our teams - with new bike racks in the building it has become a friendlier place to bike commute to. People don't realize that even a small change like this can bring folks off the bus or out of their cars and onto their bicycles. Oly bikes had a really good post about bike racks recently.

So are you ready to take the challenge?

Don't worry if you can't scare up a team you can even register as a solo commuter.

If your in the Seattle area - take the Challenge

And best part of all of being a team captain - a free t-shirt stating this fact and an invite to the Pike Brewing Captains Bash.

Pike Brewing is run by cyclists - I met them on the trail riding home from work one day and they gave me free beer :-).

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