Thursday, May 31, 2007

NWTR 2007 - or Tandem Rallies not just for Tandems

Number one question asked us at the Northwest Tandem Rally - where is your tandem? Well the sad story is our tandem was sitting at home and we were at the rally on our single bikes. Because we are training for a big ass event on our singles we needed to keep up the training and couldn't break out the tandem even for a weekend.

Why not just stay home and do training instead of travelling to an event for tandems. Because the rally was held in Yakima which is in Washington Wine Country, lots of our friends were going and frankly a weekend out of town over Memorial Day was a good thing.

We had a really good time riding with the big bikes on Saturday we rode 75 miles and visited several wineries. The rally folks the Kiwana's club of Yakima would pick up people's purchases at the wineries so no need to carry wine on your bike. Saturday night a group of 12 went to an excellent Italian restaurant called Gasperetti’s.

Sunday we got in 60 miles but had to deal with riding in some wicked headwinds. We were going about 8mph riding into the wind and once we turned around our speed went up to over 20 mph without pedaling. Sunday night was the banquet which can be hit or miss. This year it was a hit the food was good, and because the rally had been sponsered by Wine Country of Washington their was some nice wine to go with dinner.

Monday we had breakfast with friends and drove to our favorite winery Portteus which is at the top of a hill with a long gravelled driveway. Did some wine tasting and took home some purchases from there.

If you think our weekend sounded fun you should consider going to a tandem rally even if your not a tandem rider; or if you just want to go drink wine in Yakima do the Kiwana's Wine Country Trek which is held the last weekend in September. If you decide to go explore wine country don't forget to buy yourself the wine passport its good for discounts at many of the wineries.

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