Monday, May 07, 2007

SIR 400K Preride - Arlington Loop

The Route - commented on at breakfast that it was a big boot with a spike that was going to kick our asses.

Ubiquotos Breakfast at Denny's - I highly reccomend you bring your own coffee.

The second control - note the V-8 - Yum Yum

Control #3 Lunch in Sedro Wooley Ahhh - The side walk is wider then my saddle - feels good. Note the lunch of brevet riders sandwiches and Ensure.

Tom - Is it true what they say about big bags? Your bag is certainly bigger then my mini bag. I think you can fit some beer in there? Too bad you didn't today.

Yes - I officially need to get my head examined. I think riding a bike for 23 hours is fun?

Photo's courtesy of Kent Peterson

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