Friday, April 27, 2007

Testing at Cycle U

Yes - Virginia there is a Cycle University.
Located in the Sand Point Neighborhood of Seattle Washington. You go there to futher your education in cycling. I had previously taken a road racing class and a cyclocross class there and would like to take their spin classes for cyclists also.
Yesterday I took their performance test to find out my "true" heart rate numbers so I could make good use of my heart rate monitor and train effectively. Here is the description of the tests that I went through.
This is a test for an individual or a group that gives you key physical metrics to build your training on and measure progress. We start with weigh in, calibration and full explanation of the tests, then we have you do 2 endurance time trails followed by a short .2 mile sprint. All 3 tests give us valuable data on your endurance, system development, pacing and peak abilities. We start all of our athletes with this prior to coaching, here is more detail on what you receive:
Performance analysis
Threshold heart rate and wattage
Heart rate zones, 5 for heart rate, 5 for power
Maximum sprinting wattage, 1minute, 5 minute and Functional Threshold power information and analysis
Watts per Kilogram information on these times for Power Profiling
Body Fat caliper test
Bike fit check
We give you immediate feedback on what these numbers mean as well as a prescription on how to use this information. This is critical in building an effective training program and determining your strengths and weaknesses. This diagnostic baseline gives us the data to monitor improvement, overtraining and under-recovery. You will receive a full print out of all data with coaches recommendations. It is also a great workout!
Performance Testing sessions are held at the Cycle University Training Center at Magnuson Park and costs is $135 for an individual. $80 per person for groups of between 5-8 the testing generally takes 2 hours. This is great for riders of any level, please contact us to setup a time for you or your group:
Adrian who administered the test was very helpful in explaining the results to me and even gave me some information on doing some interval work which I will begin incorporating in my training next month.
And my numbers are:
Zone 1: 111-137 - recovery
Zone 2: 138-151 - endurance
Zone 3: 152-157 - tempo
Zone 4: 158-168 - threshold
Zone 5: 169-185 - VO2
Zone 6: 186+ - Anaerobic


Anonymous said...

I am so doing this. Thanks for the review and tips!

John Vincent said...

I just sent out an email to Oly riders to find a small group to do this. Sounds incredibly informative. Thanks for sharing.