Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Preparation for the 300k

Just another reason that I married the right guy - emails like this one.

You should plan on washing your rear tire (with scrubby & soap), so you can switch it for the gatorskin, check gatorskin first, cog and new chain. Put in front rack and switch LED lamps, with the front rack, I think you can use the little rack bag,and switch to a littler seat bag.
Weather seems to be improving for Saturday.
Ride Plan Thinking: Carb Drink - sip every 15 minutes - maybe we should set a reminder alarm for this? more later


Anonymous said...

I am going to fill my painner with donuts. I will eat one on the hour. Does that work as a plan?

Hope to see you out there!

Kent Peterson said...

Dang, Knox stole my nutrition plan! If he's also got a Camelbak full Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso and Creme, we'll never catch him!

Anonymous said...


There's room for like TWO of you in my current Lycra-set up. I am sure, even if I had rocket fuel strapped to my back, you'd still be out there in some mysterious place resting and drinking chocolate milk!