Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cycling Pod Casts

I recently got a new mac computer and an ipod and what can I say it is fun fun fun.
You would not believe the amount of cycling information that is out there in Pod Cast form.

Chris Carmichael - website has some cool training podcasts you can use while on your trainer - called do a stage of the tour stay at home. These initially are free when the tour (the tour being the Tour de France - what other "tour" is there" is broadcast and can now be downloaded. They provide a good workout and are pretty funny with comments by Bob Roll.

Iamplify - has many pod workouts you can download I have several on my ipod but have not yet had a chance to use them. The workouts are led by Matthew Reyes.

The Fredcast - Just a great place to catch up on the latest news in cycling, race results, etc.

The Spokesmen - A podcast on bicycle issues discussed in a roundtable format with well know folks from the bicycle world.

The Bike Tourist - Live vicariously through other folks tours. Last week he featured Tim and Cindi Travis who have been on a tour for five years. Bike touring has become their life not just a vacation. They have a great website Down The Road.

From the UK - another reader of the ibob list (Bridgestone Owners Bunch) suggested I check out this one. The Bike List

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Paul Whitney said...

Thanks for the pointers to these podcasts; I'll listen to some on the drive over for the 300km.