Tuesday, March 13, 2007

OC Book Report - Spain Book

When I travel I like to bring along a book that will educate me and entertain me about the area I am traveling to. For this trip one of the attorneys at the law firm I work at suggested a book called Driving Over Lemons: An Optomist in Spain by Christ Stewart.

Chris Stewart an english sheep shearer who also once played drums for the group Genesis purchases a rundown farm near Grenada Spain the adventure begins. Though this wasn' t set in the area of Spain where I was traveling I really enjoyed it and it brought me some insite into the Spainards obsesion with all things pig. My husband thought long and hard about bringing home a cured ham hock including the piggies little foot and then realized we didn't have enough room to pack it in with the bike but he wasn't too worried about us being busted by customs with the little piggie.
The book is available at amazon.com

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