Monday, March 05, 2007

Buenos Dias from Espana

Further news from Spain - Greg and Ruth Sneed take the Bull by the Horns

We had a great time at the Vaulta de Valencia and got to draft Alessandro Pettachi to the start of the race. We watched the start and then headed up to the feed zone to get another view of the racers and to snag some souvenirs. We got several musette bags one even had a bannana in it which Bob ate along with a few containers of Enervite which is much nicer to suck down then gu. The next day we rode through the feed zone again and scavenged several more water bottles I almost wrecked when Bob stopped in front of me to grab an eusketel bottle he had spotted on a rock. The riding here is great but its kinda a strange place with lots of retired brits over here every other place is a faux british pub and our hotel had a british breakfast every morning I am so ready for pancakes and some yummy american sausages sorry I´m not a fan of bangers. Our friends Greg and Ruth have joined us so along with a guy from Stratford upon Avon we tackled the climb to Gudalest which has many switchbacks and then a screaming descent. I´m enjoying the riding over here and we will ride one of the cols again this week before heading back to the land of rain. I´m feeling more psyched now about the upcoming brevet season.


David Rowe said...

Hi, Amy. Sounds like you are having a great time! Well, our 26-day rain spell was broken on Sunday, and it looks now like the dry spell might last through ... today! Enjoy the sun and the riding. The brevets will be here when you return.

Have a safe journey home to the Great NW.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I met Greg and Ruth over there! We rode past that blue bull almost every day.

Say Hi from Colin (the guy from Yorkshire).