Friday, July 06, 2007

So your Going to PBP - What to Read on the Plane

You have a long flight ahead of you to a foreign country. I thought I'd take this opportunity to suggest some books for your trip that you might enjoy.
My friend Narrayan recomends:

I'm a big fan of the following books:

Travel Guides
Don't you deserve this after PBP
- Learn about what you don't remember riding through

Or at the movies before you go:
La Vie En Rose

Do you have any reccomendations for me?


tim said...

You will love the French too after you have ridden the PBP. Their support at all stages of the ride wouldnt happen in any other country.

jeanpba said...


I am sorry to learn you didn't finished PBP, but it is an interesting adventure to have tempted it! I would recommend to ride it again in 2011 !

Like you, we saw ratatouille on the movies before riding PBP ! We are french, but don't know yet la vie en rose !


Jean-Philippe Battu
Tandem 7013 - 7014