Friday, July 06, 2007

Slab of Beer

On the Randon list Peter Matthews stated that one of the Aussie riders had hit a wombat on a ride and stated that a wombat was about the size of a slab of beer. I had to ask Peter to define a slab of beer.

Adrian Hands piped up with the information
A measurement of amount of beer, specifically 24 tinnies or stubbies (500ml) on a cardboard pallete. If it's a box of large bottles of beer, it's called a "carton". This is what people bring to parties. Reputedly, some truckies measure the length of their trips in slabs or cartons. If you're driving on Queensland roads, this is probably something you didn't want to know.

Peter said that stubbies are about 375ml and that the truckers are not drinking as much on the job anymore but you probably still don't want to encounter a "road train" while on a brevet.

More information on talking strine can be found at talk-queenslandish.


Surly Dave said...

I hit a wombat on my motorbike once. He was about the size of a slab. That was the end of the wombat, sadly, and also the end of the motorbike and a very bad day for me. I have two plates and sixteen screws in my left arm as a result and a very nice car down both sides of my forearm from the surgery!

They're lovely animals, but they're solid little buggers. Not a good thing to his at 80km/h.

Good luck with the PBP preparations. Will be watching from afar and cheering you and several other on!

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