Friday, January 26, 2007

Weight Training for Long Distance Cyclists

We are not like those no upper body Tour de France riders we need to be fit all the way around. I recently started weight training at the gym so I will be able to complete endurance rides in the future. Wednesday night I found myself drawing a blank about what I was there for and what I was doing. I spent some time today putting together a cheat sheet to use for weight training I need to add neck exercises to it so I don't end up with Shermer's neck. But its a start- If you weight train let me know some good additional exercises. I don't plan on doing all of these every time I lift.
I found a good page that has exercises choose the ones that work for you

Dumbbell Stepups
Dumbell Squats
Dumbell Side Lunges
Leg press
Hamstring curls
Biceps curls
Bicep Hammer Curls
Tricep Kickbacks
Triceps extension
Triceps Bench Dips
Low back extensions
Reverse crunches
Dumbbell chest press
Lat pulldowns

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