Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Paris-Brest-Paris Blogs

Yep - that is the goal this year. I'm glad to know I'm not alone with this goal - I've discovered a few cycling blogs of other folks who also have Paris Brest Paris on the agenda for 2007. Follow us as we train for this incredible event. I'll update the links as I find them. If you find any links let me know.
About the Bike
Higher Gear Coaching
Road to Paris Brest Paris
Slightly Lost in the World
Little Circles
John Kramer aka Kramer Cosmo
The Big Fix
My Life on a Bike
David Kenning
Cat Trike


Hjalti said...

I'm sure not, but here are a couple more who are:

Slightly said...


Hope to see you there!

Slightly (tony)

bmike said...

Thanks for the blog link. If its in the budget and the wife and I can make the time, we'll see you in Paris.

Envious of your snow tires. I've been on the rollers. Debating the studs, but can't get over the idea of going down on ice.