Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Tires for your bicycle

If you haven't heard - we have snow in Seattle and it has not gone away like it usually does. My hubby is a shopaholic and bought snow tires for our bicycles. This weekend he got around to putting them on the bikes. My Soma Doublecross is now sporting a pair of the 700x35 studded snow tires. Yesterday I rode up the Burke Gilman trail which is covered in packed snow and ice - it was really fun and a good workout. I rewarded myself with a hot chocolate at Starbucks at Lake Forest Park - by now it was getting dark and I had left home without a light. I need to figure out where to mount one - my Doublecross has interruptor levers on it which limit handlebar space. I hopped Metro back to Lake City and rode home from there on Sandpoint way which is better lit then the Burke Gilman Trail. Hopefully tonight I can find a light mount that will work and I can commute in on my studded bike. If your looking to get a pair of these cool tires - they are stocked on-line at Peter White Cycles.

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