Thursday, June 08, 2006

Focus on the Tandem

The Tandem showed up in the apartment on February 14, 2005 - yep that's right my sweetie got us a bicycle built for two on Valentines Day. Also a very cute book called Once Upon a Tandem completed the gift. The tandem had been spotted on Craig's list back in November of 2004 unknown to me it had been purchased and stashed to be brought out at a later date. Last year we had the bike out on the road one time and we discovered that the handlebars are too low for the Captain (aka T-Rex) so it needed the stem changed out before we got it back out there. Yes I know its now June of 2006 but last year was hectic and the start of this years cycling season found us riding our singles on a few brevets and a fleche. The tandem also had been stashed in a friend's garage so was out of sight out of mind. Next month is the Northwest Tandem Rally in Corvallis Oregon so it's time to work on the bike and get her on the road. We retrieved the tandem from the garage on Sunday only to discover that our friends garage was no the best place to stash the bike - the captains pedals are green with a science experiment and both leather brooks saddles have mold under them. We installed the new stem, wider handlebars, new rim strips and new tires on Sunday. We still need to replace the cables, housing, install new stoker bars, new stoker stem, and new fenders and wrap the handlebars. The bike is now locked up tight in the bicycle storage room at the condo - among the neglected campus bikes and old folk cruisers. I once had parts taken off a bicycle when I stored it in there instead of in the condo so I'm a bit leery of leaving it in there but schlepping a long bike up and down the stairs is not fun and frankly I don't think there is room in there.

About the bike:
1984 Silver Santana Sovereign
Strong light cranks with 1/2 Step gearing
27" 6 speed Phil Wood 48 Spoke Wheels
Suntour Shifters and Derailleur
Nitto Dirt Drop Stem Nitto Dirt Drop Captain Handlebars
Brooks Saddles - Captain Hunter Green Professional - Stoker Sprung B17

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