Friday, June 16, 2006

Eastern Washington Tour - Chelan to Grand Coulee

Yesterday my friend Ruth and I drove over to Chelan to join an organized 3-day bicycle tour. I made a quick stop before leaving to get a stem change on my Airbourne. I recently had the stem changed on my Co-Motion and found that I really liked it. Alas turns out I was in a hurry and did not tighten down the bike enough. About 30 miles from our destination we heard a loud thwack on the roof of the car. A quick look up confirmed our fears the bike was now horizontal on the car instead of vertical. Luckily it was still on the car and we were able to pull over and right it. I breathed a loud sigh of relief. When we reached Chelan - the bike no go. When it had tipped over the rear wheel had taken the worst of the tork and was now hideously out of tru. I made a quick phone call to Pedal/Paddle and they were closing for the day. The owner took pity on me and agreed to open the shop early for me. I met him there at 8:00 am - and was out of the shop by 8:30 am - he was able to get the rear wheel back in tru but a new rim should be put on the bike.
I was sagged up to the first water stop in Pateros so I would not be the lantern rouge all day. From Pateros we rode to Grand Coulee. Beautiful riding through cherry orchards
We spent the night at the Columbia River Inn. This hotel was great - when I arrived at the Inn I was drenched from riding the last several miles in a rain storm. I quickly changed and found myself in the Hot Tub being rained up having a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Not a bad way to end a day of bicycle touring.

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