Friday, July 11, 2008

How many jerseys are enough jerseys?

Ok so its like that old Saturday Night Live Episode - How much water do you put in a Nuclear Reactor?

We are prepping to move so in going through the closet I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the jersey count and I've even given a few away. It's fun to take extra jerseys on tour and give them away to tour participants from other area's one of my Zoka Coffee jerseys is now being sported in the UK. Anyhow I've been trying to be good and not add to the move chaos by being a good american consumer. But today I found new cool jerseys on-line that I had never ever seen before. I think this one might have to be added to the collection at some point. I'd like some feedback on Funkier sportsware if you have any of it - do you like it? Funkier is an Isreal company - here a page with many of their jerseys on it.

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lynnef said...

I'm not sure it is possible to have too many jerseys. Really. And I'm an amateur, compared to my friend Susan :-) Love the Israeli jersey page - all b'Ivrit; all I could puzzle out was Close this Window. And Quantity.