Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Bicycle Bag made for Vino

This company Inertia Designs was brought to my attention today on the Randon discussion list on Google. The list for all things randoneuring. Looks like they have some really nice bags though I usually like to see bags in person before buying - you would be surprised at how many bike bags the Rando cyclist goes through before finding out what works for them - for me its a Carradice Barley and a mini Giles Berthoud bag. Anyhow I digress back to Inertia Designs - and the bag I might have to have from them for wine country jaunts. They sell a rack top bag that fits 4 bottles of wine with padding and this is all the bag is designed to do. So if you see me out riding in the Rattlesnake Hills ask me about my newest bike bag.

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