Sunday, August 06, 2006

SIR 300K Brevet / Don't Cross 3 Borders Rides

We had overnighted in Bellingham so just had a short drive to the ride start at Dan Turner's House in Bellingham. Somehow we left just 5 minutes too late so did not get to start with the other riders. We headed out of Dan's house and found some of the elevation on the route right away - Yew Road is Hilly. Also we thought we were lost very early in the ride and rode all the way around Lake Samish - luckily some friendly walkers put us back en route. We descended down to the first official control (we had already had one secret control) at the shop in Edison. We wandered into the shop to find Wayne and got our brevet cards signed. We also found out they have awesome marionberry scones. From Edison the route climbed Chuckanut Drive (I had just ridden Chuckanut yesterday) I don't think I could get tired of riding Chuckanut Drive it has amazing views and a gentle grade so it doesn't take too long to cover its 10 miles.

The route took us back through Bellingham along the waterfront - just when I was ready to fill my camelbak we had another secret control. Vik supplied us with peanut butter bagels, sodas and a water refill.

Everson Washington found us at the Red Market with me desparte to find some scivolutions skin tape for a growing saddle sore. I found a product called new skin which needed to be taped on so it wasn't what I was looking for and DID NOT do the job. By the time we reached the Silver Lake Control at mile 86 I wasn't sure I was going to be able to finish the ride and asked around if anybody had some helpful cure for saddlesores. Wayne piped up that he had a tube of triple neosporin which has pain killer in it and numbs the pain. After another peanut butter sandwich and a smear of the neosporin I was off to Glacier.

Climb Climb Climb - yeah there are my buddies on the descent so I knew if I wanted to I could catch them later. A quick stop to get my card signed and explain the insaneness of Randoneuring to the guy at the ski shop at me on the descent.

We didn't stop again until the Sumas border crossing. We of course had to stop at the Super Duper which is the most bizarre store. I think they get a lot of close outs so they have really bizarre products and since the shopping is limited in the area they also carry some products for your on the spur pork butt BBQ - but please note that there was only one pork butt for sale next to the pudding cups and no other meat.

The route went along Boundary Road the other side of the ditch is Canada and my friend Duane gives this report of what happens when you pee into Canada. "Oh, I almost forgot. When I stopped to pee, at the left turn (to the south), in the bushes, it somehow alerted Homeland Security. The guy said that "we" had "set off a sensor." I assume it was caused by my high (though naturally occurring) testosterone ratio. He threatened to ship me to Guantanamo the next time this happens. They probably don't provide much water, there, so it's less of an issue.Later in the ride, someone (who shall remain nameless) in the group I was riding with almost caused a domestic incident by peeing on the wrong side of some bushes.Two peeing altercations in one brevet. That's a PR." - Duane Wright - Smart Ass

Langley Border came next where the RSVP riders cross so there were lots of bright pink apples painted on the road - once you cross the boarder on RSVP you follow maple leafs into Vancouver. But thats another ride.

Next on to Blaine and Birch Bay - after climbing H Road which we decided standed for Hill and had lots of false summits we had an amazing view of the Bay. While riding along the Bay I saw a Grey Herron flying just 2 feet over the water and due to the lighting I could see his shadow on the water.

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