Friday, August 04, 2006


You ask why not RSVP (Ride Seattle Vancouver Party)? That had been the initial plan and then smartee me did not buy ride tickets from Cascade and the ride Sold Out. I had been smart enough to secure hotel reservations in Bellingham and Vancouver. Also it turned out that the long distance cycling club we belong to was hosting a ride out of Bellingham on August 5th.
I did end up getting a ticket for RSVP - but decided that maybe the 300k on Saturday would be more beneficial to my training for an upcoming 400k brevet.
I rode the first day of RSVP which ends in Bellingham. This is a challenging ride - granted their are no mountain passes but its still challenging. When people ask me about the differences between RSVP and STP I always tell them that STP is a party with a ride and RSVP is a ride with a party - the ride once again confirmed this.

I know the ride oversold this year so lines were bigger at the food stops and porta potties. Maybe I have ridden too many self supported rides to dilly dally around to wait for a bagel with Peanut Butter and to wait in line to PPPP. At one of the official stops I headed to the table where they were cutting up cantalope and secured some slices and then headed down the road where I found a nice portapotty outside of a church - no line.

I had lunch at a Subway restaurant in Burlington just about 1/2 mile off route.
I arrived in Bellingham about 4:30 pm and got my free icecream bar and a nice massage.
My friend Matt and his wife Albee had us all over for a big spagetti feed at his house in Ferndale so I did get to Party without heading all the way to Vancouver.

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