Friday, October 06, 2006

Mixte Mania

So Hubby and I are talking about doing some Vintage Bicycle Events so the search for my vintage bicycle began and this week I found my new steed. My new steed is an ORANGE 1979 Colin Laing Mixte. Colin Laing is a builder originally from the UK that apprenticed under the Taylor Brothers - as in Jack Taylor Bicycles.

OKAY - here is a picture

We bought a really ugly bike off craigs list that I hold no fondness for - except for the Shimano Arabesque grouppo that it sports - so parts from that bike are going to be switched to this bike. I think it will be set up with upright bars with Paul Thumbies (using the Shimano 600 shifters)

Don't even ask how many bicycles I now own - It's impolite to ask.


cfritze said...

That's a great looking frame. Great paint color. I was watching it myself on ebay, and would have given you competition on the bidding if it hadn't been a touch small for my wife! Enjoy.

Kent Peterson said...

Super nice frame. It looks fabulous with those black racks. Very nice!