Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm now a Selle Italia Ldy -

I'd been happy for years riding a Terry Butterfly Saddle and I don't know what happened for some reason I wasn't happy any more. I started the 300 km brevet with some minor saddle sores and finished it with a doozey of a saddle sore. I ended up getting a prescription for antibiotics so it would heal faster and taking it easy before the 400 km brevet. Two days before the 400 km brevet I purchased a Selle Italia Ldy saddle. I survived the 400 km and other then my butt being sore from being on the bike for so many hours - I recovered quickly and was back on my bike just a few days later.
On Sunday I grabbed my lighter bike an Airborne Valkerie which still sports a Terry Butterfly - after a 40 mile ride I wasn't happy again. So this week I ordered another Selle Italia Ldy from Team Estrogen and received it in just a few days. The cool thing about the Selle Italia Ldy is that is comes in colors. The Airborne will soon be sporting the blue saddle and I need to think about the yellow one for my Gaansari Scorcher.

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